Battle of Huế (Mostly inspired from Full Metal jacket) and a bonus

Psychotic Reaction - The count five
So I tried my hardest on these. these were all took on “Rp_Apocolypse”

(I know the flames are green, I have no Idea why. does someone know why?)

NV sniper aiming at a platoon of US Marines:

A more better look at the US marines:

US marines firing at a hotel after the sergeant got shot by a NVA Sniper:

and the bonus
A platoon of surviving US marines try to Escape the wreck of there crashed Hue:

Could I have some tips to make my future screenshots better?

jpeg_quality 100

I’m not liking rp_apocalypse. I would’ve use a different map.

The blur looks really overdone and the posing could be better.

Clearly alot of “hue”.

Atleast he typed “Huế” correctly, but why green fire?

it’s the hue, man.

Why the hell did you specifically apply blur to the exact things that are supposed to be in focus?

can’t see shit, captain.

It’s too green.