Battle of Kursk 1943 and Bonus


Those are awesome.

Wow these are fucking artistic

you make some of the best-looking shit around

Eeh, you can do even better.

holy fucking shit.

The first bonus looks like a painting.
Great work!

Also what’s the map in the first picture?

Fucking incredible !

I still dont think БЕИ means anything in Russian.

Where’s the Grass from in the Kursk pic?

I just shit out my heart! This is some of the best stuff I have seen in ages! I wish I could give you winner & artistic!

Maybe it’s just a name for the tank.

Бей - beat

Maybe I’m wrong but looks like it’s flatgrass.

Haha, I spotted mister fisherman in the second pic.
The first two just blew my mind, been a while since I’ve seen anyone put that much effort into the scenebuilds.
The others are also pretty neat. Hope to see more of these.

Holy shit, man. Great work.

All I have to say is this is amazing, and you’ve inspired me to work harder.

These are excellent, mate.

They look like actual deviantart drawings

Even though I did a pose on the same subject matter as the first image, i feel like it’s shit compared to this.