Battle of the Bulge

Thanks to Ebyam/Bundesheer for editing the pic.

Original & Fullbright Pics:[/t]


Looks nice, good job

how did you do that fire/smoke effect?

It’s a pack on the workshop I’ll see if I can find it.

Ah! Found it:

You know, I remember seeing a lot of your pictures on Steam in the GMod artwork section. I’ve always liked your work because you pump out well posed pictures in quick succession.

So good work posing this and keep doing what you’re doing! I’ve always wanted to see Winter Americans in their coats like that so hopefully the bugs get worked out and we can see a release. That tanker in the background looks awesome as well. Where is he from?

My biggest suggestion would have been to use Photoshop to edit over the clipping through the coats. It’s just something I feel was easy to fix. Good stuff though!

Thanks for the kind words! Sadly all of the American models are unreleased, however theres a good way to get a good US WW2 Tanker. If you use Simkas’s WW2 Western Front Infantry, and get rid of all the gear, and the webbing, and just leave the holster, if you get a tankers helmet off the workshop, and place it on the model it looks a lot like a Tanker. Eg.

I agree. That’s what I’ve been doing as an alternative myself. I have my fingers crossed for CoD:WWII and what porting goodness we can see there!