Battle of Warriors

1080p version

Turned out pretty good in my opinion. Took a while to get the lighting just the way I wanted. Had to add some Judas Priest eventually! Haha

Any Comments and/or Criticism? Much appreciated gents,

Edited Muzzleflash


Looks awesome, my only qualm with it is the muzzle flash. It’s very small, and doesn’t throw off a bunch of light. For a gun of that size, you’re looking at a huge flash and lots of light. It’s a common mistake, most people just don’t know how big they are.

Posing is amazing as usual, just giving you the critique because I know you’re capable of some stunning work.

Someone needs to keep count of how many times that muzzleflash has been used here.

Thanks for the critique, it just occurred to me that it looked very skimpy and unfitting! I updated it with a larger muzzleflash. The first pic gave me a good reference, much appreciated :smile:

I can dig it.

Love it! Question, where did you get those tent/building models from?

Metal as fuck.

Honestly, I have no idea where I got it! Its not in any spawn menu, I just searched tent and that’s what came up, haha. If I had to guess though, it might be one of the props from Fallout 3 or STALKER but not 100%.

too bad the pic isn’t nearly as epic as the song but p nice anyway

if my calculations are correct, 563,8901,80 times. and that’s some serious shit

Reminds me of Clover field