Battle of Yonkers [scenebuild]


wow hat a ninja, you took the effects off the picture (the real one)

Sections of the explosion, yeah.

Zombie in the front is saying “How did you edit that muzzleflash?”

I don’t like the explosion, and it seems a bit… empty somehow in certain parts. Posing in some parts look a bit off. Overall good job.

Gah. I’m really not happy with this.

I’ll re-edit it one day.

C&C from those who can offer help please.

The shadowing is fantastic, but as stated before, I don’t like the explosion. Smoke is great, though.


The gore is sweet too.

It’s great an all but that one civilian helicopter is just floating there, the blades aren’t spinning.

For your re-edit, make it a lot darker. Add some heavy vignetting and edit in some more buildings in the back. Put more shit happening in the back: embers, tracers, smoke, fire, stuff like that. Increase the saturation a bit, and mess with the color settings and contrast to give it a very Red/Black/Gray color scheme. Hope that helps.

First off, good to see you still around Chesty, second very nice build.


Oh ya, and at Yonkers the US army still was using BDU’s in MARPAT, they switched to grey and drap green once they realized how useless camo was in the Z wars.


where do you guys get your buildings from the scenebuilds?

I get mine from the sky box folder.

and how do you make them big?

Browse for “building”.

The posing is fucking good mate, but the explosions are weird.
Muzzleflash on the Machingun is quite small also.

But the gore is fantastic, the smoke too.
And I also think a darkish version would look better.

Ohhh and the scene build is good too!

Look ok, but only ok, the guys upfront are posed well and so are the zombies, but the guys in the back look rushed and kinda ruin it for me. Edting is nice as usual. And why is that rocket trail curved like that?

Its a mortar I think… might be wrong!

The US army at the time was still wearing ACUPAT, then they switched to navy blue uniforms like SWAT.
i think

There are three soldiers in the background, standing next to the tank. Shouldn’t they be a bit more aware that the squad behind the sandbags are about to get overrun? lol.

The saws muzzle is way to small