Battle on cs_compound

Here is a battle of Counter terrorists and terrorists.
Please do not judge strictly. This is my first screenshots on the Facepunch.

I think, that better looks then it edited

Turn the graphics up.
In the knife fight, their feet are in mid-air.

the poseing is good, looks realistic.

tnx! PrismatexV6 yeah, i think graphic is not very cool, but i dont have photoshop :frowning:

He meant you should adjust the graphics settings in game menu.

This is bloom and DoF

Wut? Yeah we can tell…

What we’re saying is:

Go to options. Go to video. Go to advanced and… crank that shit up!

lol’ed at gman

The lack of AA is disturbing.

New screenshots.

Nice work; Taggart has made a pack of hexed CTs and Ts; download and use those.

Darkknife, I know you aren’t going to like this but read it anyways.

Not that I don’t like the pictures, I hate this:

I don’t care.
If no one actually tells you what is wrong, you aren’t ever going to achieve anything, or progress with your skills. Accept the criticism, it’s not bad after you get used to it.

I know how you want those “Dude, it sucks, go get a life” people to :fuckoff: I understand. But listen to it. Well, he wasn’t discriptive. Ask him why its bad, then learn of what he says, along with other Facepunch community.

Now, about the pictures.

The first one looks okay, the feet look unreal. How they are flat-ish on a triangle roof. If you hold down use while grabbing the foot, I’m sure you can adjust it to look better.

I am not so sure about the second one, the terrorist looks a bit confused, and he looks like he’s floating.

Picture number three, hides some of the irregularities, like the feet. You are going to have to do this sometimes, but try to fix it, even if the camera doesn’t show it.
Also, the CT looks a bit drugged up.

I like the fourth one. But yet, the legs are a little irregular. Good job on this one.

Nothing wrong with the fifth, but it’s a bit bland.

The sixth is good, I like it.

Seventh is really cool. The stance is great, and the hands look like they are in the best spot possible.

Now, I’m not sure I have time to judge all the others, but, here are the main things you need to work on:

-Stances, they really need work.
-Better map positions.
-More detail

-Camera Angles
-Finger Posing

Hope this helped, Cjmax.

Small edit in Photoshop ^^

Too dark.

What’d you do, turn down the brightness?

Your images need a lot of work, posing, and graphics wise.