battle rifle, with holographuc sight.

What i would like to request is a battle rifle, with holographic sight.


Forgive me, I am new to facepunch, inform me how to post pictures.


EDIT: i know i mispelled holographic sight.
Dyslexia FTW



There we go.

What is that from? It looks like that screenshot was taken in halo but that isnt the Halo BR

that looks cool.

Looks like the Halo 2 battle rifle with an EOTech sight and Heartbeat monitor added on in MS paint.

It is… I see it now…

Shotgunguy you know mspaint skills are bad!


Thank you.
It took me 3 minutes or less!


Yes i know my mspaint skills are amazing

I see that now. I doubt anyone will DEFINATELY do this but Maybe

I want to see the Halo CE Pistol with an actual scope to explain its mysterious accuracy and zoomification.

Here we go.
Just thought I’d spruce up the place.

Way to go, you just revived a year-old thread with something useless. Please don’t do it again.