Battle Royal - A Source Mod

I’m considering assembling a team to create a mod based on the book/movie: Battle Royal. In this film, a class from a Japanese school are randomly chosen to fight to the death on an island off the coast. The children are given a random weapon each and fitted with explosive collars if they manage to escape. Every day, a zone on the island become illegal and anybody who goes there gets blown up. The children have to find out who to trust and who to fight. Who will be the last to survive?

This is just an idea for now, but the general idea is that a group of people spawn all around a custom map, created for the purpose of this mod, and are given a random weapon, for example; a crossbow, machete, or some rat poison. But what can you do with rat poison? Poison water sources that are used to heal. The aim is obviously to kill everyone else.

I need to think of who i need on my team; usually a model creator, mapper and scripter. I can map, but cannot do the other two.

If you have any ideas or are interested in becoming a part of this mod, which could be its own seperate mod or a gamemode, then post below.


Hope you aren’t just an “idea guy”, we at Facepunch hate those kind of people.

Otherwise, make sure to add a seductress class. Upon attack, she strips naked.

Love that movie.

Idea guy being somebody who drops a great idea and pisses off?

Not me. I want to work as a part of the mod making, mainly mapping and directing. Just need to build a team and get things running.

Unless you’re a mapper on the level of prowess of the guy who’s making Dear Esther, you’re an idea guy. The leader of a mod should have at least some coding skill.

Hey guys, I’m an idea guy.

Deep down, we’re all idea guys. We all have cool ideas for stuff, but there’s a huge gulf between an idea and the execution of that idea. Why would anyone work for you to execute a concept if an idea is all you bring to the table?

What else can i bring without a team? I’m not going to construct a moths worth of map and hope that somebody likes it.

Then how do you expect a coder to spend months coding your gamemode in the hope someone likes it

Game companies don’t hire “idea guys”. They hire programmers or modellers or for other important skilled jobs. The idea guy is usually the most creative programmer/modeller/etc., not a guy that was hired to be an idea guy.

I meant for somebody, AKA a coder/modeler, to like it. But you have a point.

If you are an ideas guy, join another mod team and work for them as a writer or something until your skills improve in art or programming. Or even writing if you really want.

And where can i find recruiting teams?

You need to get some sort of skills before a team is going to want you

It’s one of those things where you work towards showing a proof-of-concept for the gamemode, and if people are interested in fleshing it out further, then you’ve got a team.

you spelled the name wrong
this clearly isn’t going anywhere
and I am the biggest BR fan ever

Moddb and places like that, but go find a skill first. If you want something easy try 2D art and concepts.