Battle Ship - WIP

**Screen : **
Screen not released yet

[li] Weapon Shop - NPC will be present for buying new weapon for you and your ship[/li][li] Custom Weapon - You will be able to do your custom weapon[/li][li] Faction Battles - You will be able to fight the other faction ( Blue / Red / Pirate )[/li][li] Inventory - Inventory system to stock your weapon and the other thing[/li][li] Characters - There will be Characters with modifiable Stats and level[/li][li] Sharks - There is Sharks on the sea - be careful[/li][li] And lots of more features[/li][/ul]

[li] Gamemode Owner : Tchou[/li][li] Lua Coder: Tchou / Tiagos (aka Ragarnok)[/li][li] Map maker : Rudobiku Katsuyo[/li][li] Server Owner : [/li][li] Alpha & Beta Tester : - Community[/li][/ul]

Progress :
Idea : 50%
Core : 3%
Buy menu for weapons : 0.2%
Weapons for players : PARADOX%
Weapons for ship : 0%
Map : --%

Questions - Answers
If you have any questions or comment or suggestion -> PM me

Sorry for my bad English !
Thanks, and I hope you like it

Would be nice to see what you have done so far. Also, why won’t you be reading the thread? That’s pretty much the whole reason of making a thread…

making a map for that would be simple unless you plan on sticking in HUGE blocks of ice/rocks to pose a challenge so the smaller players ships could hide and it would make strategy play a part, i just learn’t how to use hammer a couple of centurys ago and i couldn’t possibly help you on this.

i reckon this gamemode can win

Sounds cool

Really nice concept.

You should add aircraft carriers, and torpedo bombers!

And making ships needs blue prints, which a clan/group makes from the warehouse :D?

Buying a USS Missouri straight up doesn’t sound right.

Blueprints are planned

If you need lua coding help I can help you , pm me your steam friends name, other than that good luck , also , i think the stats should be the amount of money one can spend on the ships props , that way a newer player can only make smaller ships , while regulars can make bigger ships.

Progress: Nearly finished, two weeks or so until launch. But there’s no pictures or proof about what I say, just believe me anyways.

I’m testing ship’s weapon in local serverand Stankill is doin’ Player’s weapon

I was hoping for Battleship.

Do want. I really hope this gets finished, sounds like a fantastic gamemode.

I dont have much faith in this one since the idea isn’t 100% and the coding isn’t over 50% which is a sign that they will give up.

Your basing this on what? do you think gamemodes start at 50% done?

Just asking, Is this going to be like sunrise with little ships and a massive space, or big ships in little space/big?

little ships or big ship in a giant map (the maximum size for a map)

big ships.

Hello, actually Tchou and Takiuss are kinda busy, so, i will transmitt your question.

PS: Ah yeah, who am i ? i’m a new guy in the team (coder).

Yes, you are!