Battle Territory: Battery Content: In need of a Korean citizen

Hi there. I’m looking to do some porting from this Free to Play FPS, Battle Territory: Battery, which is here:

Downloading the client requires me to input information that, as someone who isn’t a citizen in Korea, I can’t obtain. Therefore, I’m asking anyone who lives in Korea who possibly can, download the client files for me, and upload them somewhere, so I can rip the content.

I’m only asking that someone get me the program so I can do ripping, I’m not asking for account information, or any ID numbers of any kind, I just want the installer for the client, so I can nab the files.

Thanks a BUNCH to whoever can possibly do this for me. It means a lot.

port from a good game heheheh
otherwise ask ddok1994 i think hes ported from it before

Hell, I could care less about the gameplay. I just want the weapon models. Anyway, thank you for the referral.

Right, that didn’t pan out. Offer still stands.

Also, if you know of anyone fitting the requirements, please ask them in they can contact me. Thank you.