Battlefield 1: German Empire Infantry

Battlefield 1 German soldiers with:

1.AW, MWR (thanks for NinjaNub), CODBO3 (ful76) heads.
2.Original models with bodygroups.
3.IRL 1915 uniform (Stosstruppen\Infantry) + greatcoats
4.M16 helmets, Pickelhaubes with skins + numbers and armor
5.Mustaches, googles.
6.Heavy class gear

Yandex Disk

Head_3 fixes put: …\models\madivan18\bf1\chr

Fixed physics (thanks for lonefirewarrior)

Previews:[/t] [t][/t] [t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t]
[t][/t] [t][/t][t]


Crunk fo’shizzle.

Awww yes!

Accurate early war reskin made by me. Put the files in “materials\models\MadIvan18\BF1\Chr” .

Download :!UAMSHarT!ZGW5x-rcmf7knNmCCHW6iu8-UJMTVAz79lDpINERBWk

[sp]the red outlines aren’t pixellated in-game[/sp]

Why are they not black?

Just kidding, they look cool.

the german helmets model crashes my game when it’s spawned, no error message or anything, just an imemdiate ctd.

ive installed hauptmann’s skins over this as well but i dont think that has anything to do with it

does it with or without skins, spawns 1 or twice and then crashes immediately afterwards, also spawns an invisible ragdoll with the helmet really far away.

Huh that’s weird I thought it was a problem on my end. The helmets seem to crash my game aswell, I have tried reinstalling the damn thing already. Anyways nice work man you really outdid yourself here.

These are fantastic, but how do I actually get them? The Download button on the link doesn’t do anything when I click it.

It should redirect you to

Does it takes you to a blank page?

It takes me to the right place, but I can’t do anything with the file except browse it.

The white ‘Download’ button on the right isn’t showing up? It should be right next to the ‘Save to Yandex.Disk’ yellow button

No it’s showing up, like I said it just doesn’t do anything when I click it.

This, goddamnit.

There’s a Canadian/Tommy model in the pack aswell. Aside from one of the heads on it, the rest of the model is pink and black checkered. I’m sure that wasn’t intended to be in there now or at all so just a heads up.

Better physics for the helmets. GMod shouldn’t crash anymore when spawning them.

True, but it shouldnt be here.

Loving these so far, But I haven’t figured out how you get the Armour and New pattern greatcoat to work.
I tried using the boner merger and that didn’t succeed at all. Am I supposed to just pose them in place?

Thanks a lot for those models !!!
Is it possible to get the Austo-Hungarian, Ottoman, and French soldiers?

These models are simply excellent! You have done a superb job with these. Thank you for these.