Battlefield 1 Mesh tools

Battlefield 1 (closed Alpha) mesh tools

  1. Download tools
  2. Dump files using Frank Elstners scripts.
  3. Use file management tools.
  4. Import models using my maxscripts. Tut (bf4, same procedures) here

Jesus fuck dude, I cannot believe this. I want that Armored Car so bad it hurts, me me man…!

It’s kinda useless atm tho

How did you even get that model if the game aint out yet?

The Game is Closed Alpha

I guess this will be useful for the open alpha then. Can’t wait to get a nice MP18 model.
Shame those wankers at DICE made the animation grab it by magazine though, apparently having a side-mounted magazine gun be held like a normal gun is too much to ask.

Was closed alpha, it ended a couple of weeks ago

You planning on releasing that armored car, be nice to see on Gmod.

has is how you import some models Downloads ?
because has is not yet available the beta.

Thank you, man! Works with open beta as well!

YES! It’s party time people! Let us get some beautiful WW1 models.

hum yes

how did you convert chunk to mesh?

ok is easy

open ( sw_dumper )
go to ( cat1Path ) my it is so ( r"Data\Win32\installation\beta_install\" )

you’ll be so ( r"Data\Win32\installation\alpha_install\" )

hopefully this helps someone !!!

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model BF1 Beta more Texture it is bug

Hum you can convert the texture using the (noesis)

how to using file management tools?

you can run as (administrator)
open (1 Battlefield Mesh tools \ File management tools \ File management tools \ Data file tools \ Chunk and mesh tools \ Chunk and Mesh file management tool BF1 \ Chunk and Mesh file management tool BF1 \ obj \ x86 \ Debug)

add the named file (chunks)

and then you add all the existing folder in the (res)

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Texture bad

name model ( Scout Car -Dodge_Model_30 )

Yeah, so how do I use the file management tool? There is no description whatsoever, and the app threatens me with fucking up an hour of extracting those chunks.

Basically I’m stuck at the third step, selecting the “mesh root”. What is it?

you have to pause your Anti virus.
after you (run) the management tool Chunk and Mesh
I’ve also been with the same problem with you.

Ah, nevermind, I’m just dumb and got ninja’d by a 2h post.

The textures seem to be exporting neatly, not sure about the meshes. I’ll check on it.

By the way, how do you guys feel about the game? Of course, I’m really butthurt about how I can’t sit in a trench for 2h and be kiled in 10 seconds… But on the other hand, it seems pretty fun. Like a reskinned BF4. Which it basically is.

Edit: actually, the textures are all black. Why? They also don’t seem to work in 3ds max.

well enough changes the texture. is different texture is little more quality only.
worth you convert using this tools (dainiuxxx)

maybe do a quick tutorial I do not know I will see, do have many people will have difficulty.