BATTLEFIELD 1 weapons request (DLC'S and base game weapons)

Hi to everyone in this awesome modelling page, i want some BF1 weapons 1P models from base game a dlcs (in name of tsar and they shall not pass) :3 i hope that can help me o find it

weapons (base game):

webley fosbery

bodeo 1889

beretta 1915

model 10-A

browning auto 5

weapons (they shall not pass):

Ribeyrolles 1918

Sjogren inertial

mle 1903

weapons (in name of tsar):

fedorov avtomat

general liu

vetterli vitali 1870 (carbine or infantry variants)

model 1900 shotgun

perino 1908

mosin nagant m1891

I’ll be waiting for your replies n-n and sorry for my english and have good day/night

We already had a thread for this. Why did you post this?

i had some models but are in 3P and i need 1P models of the weapons :stuck_out_tongue:

The models posted in the thread are all 1p models with the exception of the Tsar weapons.

i want these weapons of in the name of tsar in 1P

Then you are out of luck, because until someone who owns the dlc uploads the raw file there is nothing that can be done.