Battlefield 2 Special Forces Spetsnaz Soldiers

So I was wondering if someone could port the Spetsnaz Soldiers from the BF2 addon Special Forces, And maybe while your at it port the MEC Commando guys

Heres a Picture of one of the Spetsnaz guys

and heres a mec soldier

I wish.

I dont think someone is going to do it because they are low quality

I think the MW2 Russians are pretty close to these. They’re called Spetsnaz anyway.

No, and the MW2 russians arent even spetsnaz, let alone Russians, their gear and weapons and camo is all wrong. When was the last time you saw a Russian soldier irl with an FN2000, Tavor or FN FAL?
Compare these two.
[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]
Now look at real pictures of Spetsnaz, now tell me, which one looks more like real Spetsnaz?

Back to the thread though, you could use this, assuming you have CSS

Eh, I was hoping for these spetsnaz since they actually look like spetsnaz but meh.

Well thats the closest i could find of the SF spetsnaz.