Battlefield 2142 Drop Pod Launcher V1

1b is out now!

last updated: Dec. 25, 2009 10:48 pm -5:00 EST

This is a Drop pod launcher that launches drop pods from Battlefield 2142 =D it is admin only because it can be abused by mingbags. it works best upright and the pod trys to restabalize itself when it is hit by something. its pretty self explanitory if you have played battlefield 2142 before. this is entity based and is NOT a scripted vehicle.


How to use:
use key: get in or out of the pod launcher
primary fire: launch the pod
wasd keys: control the pod
mouse: rotate the pod
suicide: burst the pod earily (you won’t get a death)

Known Bugs or complaints:
cannot use camera tools when in pod ( you can place an rt camera on your screen though )

Will there be a version 2?
Umm…maybe, if i feel that it should be vehicle based

the launcher model is not the same as the one from bf2142! why?
this is because i dont have access to the ground based pod launcher model. this model is a modifed version of the pod launchers on the sides of the EU titan. if you want, you can send me the model files for the ground based pod launcher.

me for coding and porting models
HL2MODvideos found on youtube for beta testing this
J16FOX for beta testing
DICE for creating the models, sounds and bf2142
Team Garry for creating garrysmod

latest version: 1b

Video2: uh…woops…please wait

first release
Download and pictures:

fixed minor bugs
included new pod dropper
particle effects decreased as requested and agreed to
download but no pictures yet:

fixed minor bugs
NEW and IMPROVED stabalization system
can now hit skybox without losing full control

other notes:

please halt any talk about the odst pod, make a new thread if you want to talk about it.

looks good. will try.

Excellent, now we need a ODST one. =)

i’m not a fan of halo but if you could get me the models and sounds, i’ll give it a go.

edit: why is this post dumb?(you’re all going to rate this dumb now aren’t you?)

this looks awsome downloading now!

Downloading and trying out.

This is awesome. Highly reccomended! DL now.

it works perfectly. May I make one suggestion tho, make the smoke effect last shorter and less dense. Also on request, could you model the titan model for gmod. It would be greatly apperciated.

you can change it yourself by changing lua file in the effects folder by changing the scale and fade time. i just dont want to reupload everything again just to make some tiny tweaks.

REPLACE the following for half the smoke size and fade time:

particle:SetDieTime( math.Rand( 2, 4 ) )
particle:SetStartSize( 25 )
particle:SetEndSize( 50 )

and about the titan. i am thinking about it, which usually means that i am going to make it. the problem is that the titan is high poly which means that it could cause gmod to lag a lot. im thinking of making the EU apc first.

hm, very well then. but do the eu dropship first and with its own drop pods. You could use the shuttle sent’s code, if they’ll let yah, for the flying. Doesnt have to have turrents on it just somewhere for guys to sit and use the drop pods. would be ultra cool.:c00lbert:

God, I just realised how kewl a 2142 pack would be.

2142 vehicles are already realised.

Link? And are they vehicles or models?

Models. Its in the release section of the models forum.

So if someone was to make them into functional vehicles, that would be nicer.

i found the models a while ago but they crash my gmod. also, i was talking about making a eu apc vehicle that you can drive and launch pods. wouldnt a bf2142 gamemode be great?

Yus. YUS YUS YUS!!! Too bad it’ll never happen. We can dream though.

This is so amasing i spent about 2 hours on flatgrass_storm just using it over and over again. Love how it still launches underwater as well as the base tilted at any angle. <funny how it trys to get upright again in midflight>

Tried puting on my server but 1 file refused to transfer. Damn FTP client

Agree with the apc, keep up the good work, and anyone have(or know of) a server that has this to players. I want to see if multiple players can enter it and launche at the same time.

WHAT? was THAT? soldier?! did i just hear NEVER?! well stop dreaming and start turning it into reality! once i finish all the vehicles, if i do, i might as well turn it into a gamemode.

i would have released this hours earlier if i hadn’t kept getting distracted from playing around with the launcher XD.
BTW type kill in the console to burst from the pod early.

no, only 1 player can be in it at a time. you can test this by making a multiplayer server and adding bots.