Battlefield 2142 Reskins for HL2 Weapons

Heya, so i am looking for hl2 weapons to be remodeled and textured as battlefield 2142 weapons, also add custom sounds. heres a link to the bf2142 weapons:
and heres what im requesting:

Pistol - Takao T20 Pistol
SMG - Turcotte Rapid SMG
AR2 - SCAR 11 AR
Shotgun - Clark 15B
RPG - Mitchell SAAW 86
Grenade - FRG-1 Grenade
SLAM - RDX DemoPak
Crossbow - Park 52 Sniper
Magnum - P33 Pereira Pistol
Crowbar - Dogtagger Dagger (some pics here as the other link doesnt have any

also, battlefield 2142 hands for the basic hands would be great.

EDIT: you can also make single or few weapons only, if for example someone re-creates the crowbar, ill remove it from the list
EDIT2: forget all the stuff bout obsidian conflict. just re-create the hl2 weps as bf ones.

So you’re requesting for all of these to be made in to view models and replace HL2’s weapons to be used in another mod?

Sounds stupid as fuck to me.

im asking for someone to reskin the listed weapons as the weapons mentioned next to them <.<

the mod uses half life 2 weapons so i just need reskin for hl2 weapons and im able to install them in the mod, but theres one weapon from the mod that i want reskinned as well.

It isn’t as simple as a reskin since it’d need totally new animations and firing sounds. Would you want a regular gun with AR2 sounds?

reskin, remodel, whatever. skin is what people mostly call re-creations of weapons, custom sounds/animations or not.

No, they say “Reskin with Custom Animations/Sounds!” meaning that they added that with the reskin.

All I’m trying to say is that this won’t be simple.

I hate it when people refer to models as being skins. I blame FPSBanana :argh:
If it involves geometry, it’s a model. EOS.

In other news, having the BF2142 guns in here would be pretty cool, if only for screenshot purposes.

If you mean props, they’re already “in here”.

i made this request to get results, not people arguing over crap.

You’re an idiot, being rude to the people who might help you is a great way to make sure they don’t give you results.

erm, that really wasnt the purpose of those words.

Even if that wasn’t the purpose, that’s what it did.

lets stop arguing now, i just want the stuff i requested, id really appreciate if someone made it. id make it myself if i knew how but you see, im a gamer, not a creator.