Battlefield 2142 soldiers?

Has anyone ripped the soldiers from 2142? Would be very appreciated.

They’re on I think.

if its on probably not worth your time, there always incomplete or conventionally missing that one model your looking for because the person never did it all…

They are some BF2142 Soldiers out there, but they only the Recon Class, worked on the standard HL2 citizen physics, and the PAC Recon soldier had crap finger posing. Would be nice if someone did finally release the full set at long last.

I have not tried these tools on 2142, but if you guys are interested you could check this

I did the 2142 soldier originally when I first started porting stuff to gmod. They were the first two things actually. I’d love to go back and actually do a proper version of them now but I don’t have access to the old tools I originally used and my old copy of 2142 is about 4 states away from me atm.