Battlefield, 2142.

Thread music inbound, stand by.

Music deployment complete, proceeding with visual feed.

Picture taken in Freespace06_v2-1. Other angle from tactical satellite here. For eyes only.


End of the tactical report. Standing by for comments and criticism.

What’s the black stuff around debris? (Middle rock of the 5)

And debris looks not exactly inside explosion, and should have motion blur.
I like the explosion itself tho, and the whole pic.

Nice scenebuild.

Oh, I like it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Who rates eveyone dumb here? Someone rated me 20 seconds after I had posted this.

very nice scenebuild

Auto dumb rating bots.

nice photo

Did you save this? Can you show us without the special effects and what props you used?

Where did you get the bogatyr model from?


nvm i found it

What? There’s that “other angle” in media tags. I can upload the un-edited one if you want me to.

More comments? Come on, I need to know if I have to improve on something, like posing, editing etc.

It’s an awesome picture, but since you seem desperate for criticism, I’ll amp my strictness to >9000.

The snow looks like snow, but still somehow the parts sinking into it look like they’re clipping. could be because the snow is completely flat where there’s no bits of ice. I as an inhabitant of the north know that that’s hardly ever the case, unless on ice (then your depiction would be rather accurate). I know it’s almost impossible without making a custom prop in the shape of wavy snow, but that’s not really my problem coming up with anything to criticize in a near-perfect picture.

the posing of the wounded guy sitting on the snow is ever-so-slightly awkward. Also, while not exactly a problem in terms of posture, the more or less straightened leg of the same guy looks odd because all of the leg below the knee is in the same boundaries on the sideways axis, so it looks a bit like a box. The same effect makes the butt of the rightmost guy’s gun look a bit odd. Also his posture, for some reason, makes it seem like he’s actually holding the gun in the other direction until you look a bit closer.

The top of the leftmost guy’s head would be seen from behind the barrier. Cover fail. Also, his right (from his perspective) forearm’s textures seem to be stretching, and it’s hard to see the forearm at all.

Keep in mind, I wouldn’t even mention any of these if I didn’t nitpick for small flaws on purpose. I could probably say something a bit more worthwhile if knew the BF2142 mythos better.

One thing I would say though is that the blood looks pretty 2D. i couldn’t do better myself, but that’s not the point.

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Hmm… this looks awfully familiar…

It should.

Not to diss your screenshot quality, but this is from a pretty different angle, much more winter-themed and all-round better.

That said, yes, it’s pretty similar. That’s almost like saying every stand-up comedian dissing politicians was unoriginal though.

It’s not my screenie, it’s Chesty Mcgee’s.

And it’s not like how comedians dis politicians, that would be more like if I made a shooting pose and you made a shooting pose, and I said you were copying me.

These two are almost exactly the same. A PAC mech firing on people behind cover in a snowy environment with a blue muzzle flash and a gray dusty explosion.

Mine has more BF2142 and less cyborgs :v: I’ve seen that, but didn’t remember it when making this pose though.

Thanks, now I know what to improve. People usually only say things like “It’s decent” or “Pretty cool”, not that I wouldn’t like positive comments, but yeah.

[sp]Sure, I’ll do that right away.[/sp]

The explosion looks way too clean, it needs more particles and flying debris.
Also the rocks need more blur.

But all in all a very nice picture!

Thanks for the criticism, still trying to get explosions and puffs right.

Oh fuck, dumb rating script just changed to full throttle or something.