Battlefield 2143 Models release thread

Hey guys. Today I’m releasing the models from the Battlefield 2142 game. Credits to Digital Illusions CE and credits to Valor for ripping these. Do not use these commercially! It would be impressive however to see these on the workshop. If anyone is interested in scripting these, I don’t mind rigging these for you since the original models dont have a skelly rig. These were downloaded online but I just put these into 1 pack and converted the DDS textures into JPG’s (the original DDS files are still there). I couldnt convert the УАЗ-8 textures because it wouldnt go through so il fix this in a updated link for now but here are the models:



UD-6 Talon

Type 32 Nekomata

**A8 Tiger

L5 Riesig

MK-15 Bandit

Type 4 Doragon


Have a nice day :slight_smile:

This is from 2142, not 2143. I even recognise the winter camo on the walkers from the Expansion pack Northern Strike.

Ah yes if it is sorry about that. I titled whatever the files came as. Ive changed it now, thanks.