Battlefield 3 Buildings Models


Can anyone rip for me 3d models of Buildings from Battlefield 3.

I am trying to rip models but it is not working.

Its not working, just because yourre not trying hard enough.

Models and textures rip just fine, you just need to invest the time to get them work together.

Here`s some of them that I tried to put together a while ago.

Thanks bro. I am now downloading it.
What software are you using for ripping? Ninja Ripper ??

@dainiuxxx, When I try to open the MAX file, it is saying: “File open failed”.
I am using 3ds max 2013. How can this be fixed?

works fine here on max 2013, try 2014

buildings would be great but I always get weapons and characters sometimes vehicles. I never had buildings after ripping process is done.

What’s the logic behind this?

Launch ninja ripper in “d3d11wrapper” mode, capture(f10), open max, import by groups depending on the system resources, I import from 0-100 check the models If nothing I want is found I import 101-200 and so on. Very simple.

This is not a bad explanation here.

I made a MaxScript to make the texture mapping of ripped models a bit easier.

3D Ripper DX and NinjaRipper (or similar game rippers) give you alot of textures, and sometimes many sub-submaterials with IDs that needs fixing - preferably batch fixing, this script can do that. You can also cycle the textures in real time for instant visual feedback.

It can fix the maps paths as well, or populate them if they are empty. You just need to define the correct path and then batch change all the textures to reflect that change.

Get it here, it works with Standard and Multimaterial (Probably infested with bugs though). For 3DS Max 2012 and above.


Looks very interesting, but the link does not work…

But you can access ? Maybe it is some temporary thing.

Anyway, you can get the latest script here:
[ Removed, see link below instead ]

However do go here for the latest version in the future:

Now there’s no jiggle bones. smh.

You are still working with XML files are in Crytek Binary XML format the script in 3ds max?

This thread is over 4 years old mate.

Yes, I saw, but I need to get in touch with joqqy