Battlefield 3 Gamemode Concept for Gmod13

Mods please remove this thread as we have found a coder and people are going off topic.

Don’t really think you will find coders that are willing to code a whole gamemode from scratch for free

We never stated it would be for free. We’d be more than willing to pay.

why not just play battlefield 3?

Gmod is 10$ compared to Battlefield which is 60$?

Battlefield 3 is also an actual game compared to a poorly coded gamemode with closed, low-quality maps and ported weapons

Great idea. Hopefully you will find a programmer who is willing to dedicate their time to creating it!

Thanks Remscar. And guys, we aren’t trying to make a debate about why you should play a gmod gamemode that’s similar over the actual game. We’re just trying to find a coder to code this.

you say its similar but this is exactly like battlefield 3

also source map size limit is incredible low so maps would be no where near bf3 ish

Actually, I’m working on something like this already.
Although it’s much more realism-oriented.

That video is a bit outdated, so a lot of features like defibbing and critical player condition is not shown there. Bullet sponging has been fixed as well.

It would take me a wall of text to describe all the shit that is currently in the gamemode.

Thats an interesting looking gamemode LEETNOOB. Also again…I am not trying to start a fight werewolf, so if you don’t have anything constructive or contributive to this idea instead of some smartellic comment please don’t post. We aren’t interested in causing arguments, debates, but finding a coder to code this idea.

There’s a thread for hiring lua coders.

But in theory you could make the map twice as big by making the player smaller.

Please tell me you’re at least going to tweak with the gameplay, physics, and dynamics of combat. If not all you’re going to have is nothing much different than CS:S deathmatch with XP, level-ups, and a classing system.



Why don’t you just run along, buddy. You are just heinous.

this aint going to work so please just leave it

if you really want an bf3 ish gamemode please try net leetnoob gamemode when its out

honestly its not likely your going to get a coder for a whole BF3 gamemode

If you want people who don’t hate furries, you came to the wrong forum.

Honestly we did find a coder to do it.

good for you