Battlefield 3 - Medal of Honor Warfighter (Tutorial 1 - Textures)

Tutorial 1

"How to obtain original textures from DX10 -11 games like Battlefield 3"

Full graphic tutorial




  • Intel GPA requires internet connection
  • VeniceFX is necessary for capture far models with free camera.
  • VeniceFX don’t work in MOHW

Following tutoriales:

tutorial 2 : Mix and composite textures
tutorial 3 : How to fix head models (bf3 - mohw)

Thanks, this will come in handy and we’ll get a lot more great content from these games.

BF3 stopped working after double clicking VeniceFX.

I was wondering how you got so high-res textures. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks a lot for this tutorial. Can’t wait for the next ones to come.

would be nice to see a fully working ripper for MOWF

thanks for this

how do you get mesh from game?

nice tutorial thats what i was looking for for Wargame Airland which i have issues with texture size too bad Intel GPA wont work on vista anymore

MOHWF crashes everytime I try to launch it with GPA to auto-detect. Black screen, then ‘MOHWF has stopped working’

Disable origin overlay.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve done that. I’ve tried launching it via battlelog (I have it set to windowed mode) the window pops up for two seconds and bam game stops working and I get the MS spiel.

Also, this worked fine with Bf3.

Can’t actually wait to see your second tutorial. Since I’d love to see your 3dsmax material setup.

Does this Intel GPA work with other games aswell or just origin based games?

all DX games

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VeniceFX works over the BF3 1.8v ( VeniceFX version 2.1 aftermath)

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Hey, Luxox. how do u get the BF3 models into the T-Pose?

Dude really? Have you actually tried ripping something, yet? Ninja will give them to you in T-Pose already.

Yeah “smile face” from Saper Game by Microsoft.

NinjaRipper (again)

oh cool you released this