Battlefield 3 MP Russian Soldiers

yay it’s here uhhhgh
[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Battlefield 3 MP Russian Soldiers
[tab]Descriptions:[/tab] Multiplay Russian Soldiers from Battlefield 3
Original Model and Texture: DICE, EA Games
Ripping Model and Texture: zurf3r
Rigging Model, Coloring Texture: tlsaudrl2548
Motivation and Texture Help: Ninja Nub

Finally, after a long wait, BF3 Ruskies are released.This addon contains Multiplayer Russian Soldiers from Battlefield 3 with default skins.

This pack contains:
(Russian) Assault, Engineer, Supporter, Recon

American Soldiers are not contained.
Each model has facepose, fingerpose
If you download skin pack which I’ve uploaded separately, you can switch skins using Easy bodygroup tool, or you can edit spawnicons.

Images go below:[/t]

You may want to use this tool to change skins:
Easy Bodygroup Tool

[tab]RUS Soldiers[/tab]
Mediafire Download

[]( 3 MP Russian

[tab]Skin Pack 1[/tab]
Click Here

Workshopper didn’t work to me so I’ve uploaded things on 4shared.
you know how to install this thing. don’t you.

Minor Fix

  • Spawnicons now contained
  • Sniper now has $mostlyopaque, Nothing changes though.

Packages Reuploaded.

Fast Fix for those who already have downloaded the file:

Nice work as usual tsaun

thanks man!

i love it

You never cease to amaze me, tlsaudrl :smiley:

These will cheer me up after The Walking Dead… :c

oh my god i love you so much!
P.S:I’m not gay

4shared requires you to register when you try to download.
I’m uploading at dropbox atm.

Orgasm’d. That would describe my feelings ATM.

oh yes

Do you think you could upload the files somewhere else? Sorry, it’s just that I don’t want to make an account for 4Shared because I’m not sure I’ll ever have to go there again.

Uploaded on Dropbox.

well done, keep it up

The game crashes when trying to load the Snipers spawn icon. Help!


I’m crashing because of one of the spawn icons, I’m assuming it’s the snipers.

It loads the assault, then the support and then crash.

It is the sniper since I can spawn the other 3 separately fine.

Fixed lens textures with envmaptint:

“$baseTexture” “tlsaudrl2548\BF3\RUSMP/rus_lens3”
“$halflambert” “1”
“$translucent” 1
“$envmap” env_cubemap
“$envmaptint” “[0.3 0.3 0.3]”

Oh, this models crash my gmod.

Most of people crashes. I don’t really know why.
Wait up. lemme figure out.

I mean
Nice job Tlsa, as usual. :smile:

Thank you so much comrade! I really appreciate this.

Did you compile assault using Source SDK Path to sourcefilmmaker/game/bin in GUIStudioMDL? That could be a problem. You should use source2009’s bins though.