Battlefield 3 - Multiplayer Americans

in light of the several bf4 model releases, i’ve decided to release some men who don’t look like airsofters and movie stars

hopefully it’s been worth the wait
there’s a few minor issues here and there, but nothing major

Mediafire Link:

Workshop Part 1:

Workshop Part 2:

You get: Multiplayer americans from battlefield 3 with a literal fuckton of variation(bodygroups and skins)

Credits to:
Anyone who made pictures, old and new(jenkins in particular)
Jenkins: for lots of high quality pictures and some gear variation
Rusty, Taggart, and Cheesecurls: for extra skins
Rusty: for ripping the Dead Island Riptide head mesh
Bloocobalt: for lots of tips
Dice: for the models themselves
Deep Silver: for the dead island riptide head
and me, for rigging, faceposing, and setting them up for source

Bonus: Arma 3, Max Payne 3, and MW2/3 head source files
(good for if you wanna put the heads on stuff
gotta be into actual modeling stuff to get it done though however)

Arma 3
Max Payne 3


SP americans:

People for them to shoot at:

Guns for them to shoot people with:

Woo, another awesome release!

Best release.


God bless Americans.

Fucking Keep is up as always best ninja.

Fuckin’ badass models right there

excellent as always, great work c:

also where do you get all of these beautiful maps from? Or are they scenebuilds (amazing if they are)

You finally released them, can’t believe it. :v:

Great work, as always.

Oh man, this is awesome. Thanks a lot

Great work.

Fuckin’ gnarly!

Awesome!!! You should do more work! :v:
I’m shocked! Half-Life 2 can handle this shit?


Holy shi- so many nice pics, how come I only saw like half of those in the screenshot section?

lots of them are old

Great work ninja awesome release

Very nice work here man!

So looking forward to using these guys!

Oh my winners

Oh fuck yes, they are finally here! Exellent release Ninja!