Battlefield 3 Russian Ground Forces Pack

Battlefield 3 Russian Ground Forces Playermodel and NPC Pack

This is an improvement to Tlsaudrl2548’s original models with fixed up mesh data and better textures


  • 4 Playermodels
  • 4 NPCs with different default weapons to fit their role
  • 4 unified viewmodels for each class
  • More skingroups
  • Medickit Bodygroup for the Assault class
  • Faceposing for both player and npc models
  • Eyeposing

BF3 NPC weapons not included[/T]


From top left to bottom right: Default, Woodland, Desert, Paratrooper (Custom GTA: SA skin for the Recon).





V1 Links:


DICE: Creating original models and textures
zurf3r: Porting
tlsaudrl2548: Original creator
luxox_18: Porting better default and paratrooper textures
Ivars: GTA: SA skin for Recon class
CSLeader: Fixing, tweaking, and creating viewmodels

P.S. Look at their eyes closely, they have different iris colors on their eyes.

V2 link

Dropbox: Russians


  • New icons for NPCs
  • Fixed up eyes. Thank Cra0kalo for fixing them

Do not re-upload, modify, or re-distribute without my permission…

Fuck yea

very nice

My God.

You are awesome.

V2 is out!![/T][T][/T][T][/T][T][/T]

Dropbox: Russians

Blue eyes

Green eyes


Do not re-upload, modify, or re-distribute without my permission…


Maps used in pics:

Add $Mostlyopaque to the qc already like I told you, so lamps don’t make the lenses disappear.

But that makes it look like light can barely go through the visor, unless it’s supposed to in BF3? I need a picture reference of that RGF Assault from BF3 in action to make sure…

Yes, I know I’m asking a dumb question, but I just need clarification to be sure…

Any chance their Urban Camo will be released?

Not likely, since I don’t know how to composite textures via photoshop and I’ll have to make more models to use more camos.

Yes you can’t see through there visors in the actual game you goof…

Okay, I’ve put $mostlyopaque on the Assault class, and I guess you were right:

I used Lucky9Two’s Toy map, which doesn’t have any env_cubemaps. That is why its not giving that metallic shine on the goggles nor is it transculent unless you use the flashlight up-close…

And the engineer, and the supports Altyn…

Thank you for reuploading. horde of folks asked me to do this.

shade is totally sick

I just tested these out. to be frank with you, I see no changes and I found 2 horrible mistake you’ve made.
You’ve managed to get rid of faceflexes and put cubemap on those glass things.
Though one of your achievement - viewmodel is none of my business, What you did is just putting medical kit on the back and some more skins.
I understand these models are modified to be suitable for RP purpose, which makes these unfaseposable, I actually expected intact, finely working models.
Did a well job anyway. clap clap clap

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And yeah. I noticed you put HUGE EYES there.
2048^2 each.

I did put faceposing on them, but I should have made them compatible with the default source choreograghy, my bad. I technically didn’t make them for RP purpose, I just like playermodels and NPC models because they can be utilized for both posing and regular use. I was going to add more bodygroups to the models, like the M230, RPG-7V2, Primary weapons, the XBow, the Ammokit, etc., and more face flexes, But I didn’t think it was neccesary at the time.

Also, what else do I need to improve on that I didn’t notice?

You definitely have to get rid of cubemap syntax in glass .vmt files.
Not only does it makes eyes invisible, but it reflects like still water.

I don’t know what else you need to work more on.

I did that all yesterday:[/T][T][/T]

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I’ve done what you said… and here are the results…:



Yeah, it looks pretty dull, doesn’t it?

That looks better.

Kinda, but it’s missing that glass shine. I want it to reflect like this: