Battlefield 3: Source

I know it’s generic, but i like those light. So I uploaded this picture.
Isn’t it seemed like BF3?

Laser beam.

he probably just meant battlefield: 2142

Yeah the flashlight is easily mistaken for a laser, but otherwise it’s great.

1:10 AM - YoungBo$$: please write none-laserbeam comment

white laser light

they should really just do another 2142 game instead of BF3.
Imagine those titan battles on frostbite

I couldn’t agree more.

Pew! Pew! pew-pew! pew! pew! Laser Beams Yay!

The left foot is rather floaty isnt it? I like the posing though, the only thing i see that looks a bit strange is that the guy with the floaty foot looks like he’s aiming at nothing, or at least pointing his weapon in a strange direction.

becasue he is running, that’s why his foot is floaty and he’s aiming at nothing.

The lighting is dull. Again.

every ddok picture must have a flashlight in it

Oh man, a M249 with a grip, bipod and a ACOG, he holds it like a pro.


I’d just call it a scope

its a sooper dooper captain EOtech akawg mark 69 ted turner model holographic sugar coated scope with tactical aperture and cup holders

Great editing

DDok are you okay your pictures are plummeting in quality for a while now.

Another 2142 themed game would be fucking awesome, but BF3 is looking pretty damn good so far. As much as I want another game set in the 2142 setting, I don’t want to just off BF3 entirely.

Ima firein mah laz0r