Battlefield 3 Style Russian Soldiers

This picture inspired me to make this ragdoll ↑

***You have to change bodygroup 5, Subgroup 1 to Subgroup2 before attach gasmask!

This ragdoll requires Bodygroup Changer

*Battlefield 3 Style USMC

Retexturing: ddok1994
Model Hacking: ddok1994
Original Models Porting: A number of people took part in porting/ripping

chl0407 (Realname: In-Gyu Park) was sent to the hospital, due to Meningomyelocele. Please pray for him.**

v2 Released!!!

Camouflages were added!
A new helmet was added!

Download It!

It’s Awesome and Great! Thank you VERY much!

Very nice. Thank you!

I f****** love you! Did you knew that? Now you know!

Great work :smiley:

EDIT: Also, tell us when chl0 is ok again :stuck_out_tongue:

These are cool, but you need to start releasing some Russian weapons soon. I’d love a good AN-94.

His operation was successful. But he got external wound and serious disorder

What about AK-74M’s? Trek made them?
Nice soldiers.

ing, ing plz! take me!!! ang!

Please rig them for playermodels & have them on the appropriate skeleton or whatever. I’ll love you forever.

I really hope that he would be OK.

Okay, let’s go to make some OMON skins. I have some ideas with Tigr and Shadow camos.

Oops, i rated agree by mistake. I don’t want to people make my ragdolls to playermodel, NPC and CS playermodel. Sorry

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I’m gonna make for camo for this ragdoll. Plz send me some camo texture that u want :slight_smile:

Dont forget the flashlight :slight_smile:

Jeez, there’s just so many fucking Ruskies at the moment.

But models are still great.

Pm’d with that stuff. :smile:

Looks good, nice work! :slight_smile:

Excellent models, can’t wait to use them in my ragdoll poses.

THANK YOU!!! (FINALLY A BF3 like ragdoll) ;D

I love you.

Also, Hope chl0407 gets better. Hes ported some great stuff.

It’s…it’s beautiful…

Outstanding job! Got my download!