Battlefield 3 Style SKS

Could someone port this from css to gmod? Maybe make one without a scope too. :smiley:
BF3 SKS Imitation. :stuck_out_tongue: It’ll be epic if someone can get it into gmod, with the gdwc base. :smiley:

the essence of tacticool


I think this counts towards GMod as well.

What about custom making the model?

Could always just download it for gmod to replace the G3 and just use the world model.

I tried, but it still shows up as a g3.

Just download and hex, it’s easy.
BTW i’ve already hexed it. Such tacticool thing…

oooooooook, so you’re asking someone to make a gun from scratch, just because you want one?

I know someone who might be willing if it wasn’t a tacticool piece of shit.

seriously why not just make a PSL or Dragunov if you want a modern russian semi-auto.

If you want one in 7.62x39, the AKM has a fire selector y’know. And there are plenty of modern warfare sweps out there.

Sorry it’s been a few says but, what about this, it doesn’t seem too “tacticool”

Look in the OP
Whats the point in adding all that shit for an obsolete rifle and having a modern military use it?
Seriously the SKS in the picture you posted is completely different to the SKS in the OP.

Someone just remove the scope already and post it instead of starting discussions

Don´t bump old threads you pumpkin, stop requesting shit and look at the date of the OP AND other comments