Battlefield 3 textures are extremely dark

This is going to be an odd request, sorry if this has been explained before but I have not yet found an asnswer for this.

So I have been checking out these models from, but the diffuse textures are all extremely dark. I ran into this problem before when I extracted textures from moh2010.
I had to go to this site as I do not have all the guns unlocked.
Have you guys ran into this before?

Are these possibly ninja-ripped? That’s a common issue with Ninja Ripper, Intel GPA is a better texture-capturing method (in the rare cases where it works).

I believe so judging by the texture names.

in 3ds max, I’d raise the LUT Levels. It’d fix that. or if you’re exporting into something, Make the textures themselves brighter.

I fixed it by pasting 2 blank white textures on top it as overlays.
Not the prettiest method, but it gets the job done.

Thats a pretty good idea, wish i thought of that sooner. also, i cant rate. its kinda pissing me off

Hey, i’ve accidently stumbled upon this couple of videos on Ninja Ripper parental forum (, so one guy there tried to fix dark textures and broken normals, ripped from Advanced Warfare. Here’s link to short video tutorials he recorded