Battlefield 3 Themes Pose

This was my first time using color modification in Garry’s Mod.
As usual: Anything I should add in/fix, I have it saved.



Less Contrast

I wanted to keep that Battlefield 3 style color grading.

that contrast is, to put it mildly, awful

I’ll fix it in like 7 minutes.

I m sory for the bad gramar bu t I th ink I jut lost my eyesight

needs more blue and lens flare.


Well I am not a professional, I downloaded a color pack for the color modification and edited it to look like Operation Metro. Although people may not like this, criticism still helps me get better.

I play Battlefield 3 on lowest at 1024x600. That makes the sun flares look blinding and ugly for me.

I’ve got to admit, but I’m not sure how you went from desaturated blue colour grading to oversaturated with blue backgrounds.

Fixed it.

It’s actually quite hard to make this look better due to the contrasting. :L

This is much similar with BF3

advertising your own poses in someone else’s thread. man that’s pretty damn low

Really dude? I don’t think they have lasers in BF3.

Support is sad because his gun looks like shit

I tried to attach it as direct tag image. But I’ve using iPad because the internet of my desktop is dead. So it was annoying to get direct image link. I’ll delete it if y’all mind.