Battlefield 4 - Huang "Hannah" Shuyi[/thumb]


Good work.

Beautiful stuff.

Interesting. Are the flexes set up for FACS, or are they just your custom base shapes?

Also, not your fault, but that flight suit, wow. Navy namepatch with “Air Force” stamped on it above an army unit symbol.


Nice! The first BF4 SP Character operational for Gmod.

I Salute you man. Nice work!

is it faceposable?

This is amazing, thank you very much!

It doesn’t use FACS because I’m too lazy for that. .-. Maybe I’ll try that on Kovic.

I would just like to point out some interesting statistic I compiled…

There are currently two threads on ripping models out of BF4.

They have been around for about 9 months and have a total of 1352 posts and a total of 181717 views.

Counting only released models, there are…

The Multi player Chinese

and the Multi player USMC and Russians

A total of 12 models released.

Therefore, statistically, there is one model released per 112.67 posts. Every 3/4 month. And every 15143 views.

Am I suggesting that the people who frequently posts in these two threads about their WIP are all talk? I will leave you to decide.

Thx mate

If you’re so worried about people asking for the Playermodel/NPC then don’t upload to the workshop. I haven’t seen anyone brain-dead enough yet to ask for them on Facepunch.

Hopefully this will start a new line of Battlefield [del]sex[/del] poses.

Do you make that joke for every release?

Actually, it seems that whenever somebody request a female model, the requester always get accused of wanting to make sex poses…

Case in point, check out my request for Hannah from a month or so ago.

For two years.


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Don’t you ever stop doing that.

Cool, Excelent Model, Excelent

GoOR’s back! Yay
Cool stuff anyway