Battlefield 4 - Ragdoll to playermodel (Irish)

I tried to port this ragdoll:

into a playermodel, but whilst I’m very new to all that. I’m not able to do it. My knowledge
isn’t good enough, so I hope that someone is so kind to port this Ragdoll into a PM, and upload it to the workshop.

That would be really great.


PS: English isn’t my first language, so pls ignore any misspells

Not even 24 hours after your last thread on this very thing?

Whats the point in creating a new thread when you could have *simply *posted on your last thread that you cannot do it and require assistance?

I wanted to ‘clarify’ the purpose of that Thread, and after thinking about it, well it’d have been better to edit my older thread. Whilst I’m new to facepunch please excuse my failure ^^