Battlefield 4 - SSgt. William Dunn[/thumb]

You’ll see Kimble “Irish” Graves soon.

Yeah babe

are you honestly doing one thread per character



Look good Nice job

Waiting for medifire link too.

insert Modern Warfare 2 Dunn, Foley and Ramirez jokes here.

Great job, keep it up! :smile:

MARPAT looks awesum on 'em.

Where is RECKER???’

btw nice job :wink:

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I request recker, okay im done requesting… NOW IM DEMANDING TO SEE HIM

recker doesnt have a model.

No, he has one in the last chapter. The one where you take the rhib and go to the evil Chinese boat and sacrifice one of your guys.

oh surprised luxox didnt get it

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your right

luxox uploaded only the head model, without the body (which is the US engi body from MP).
btw that screenshot is outdated, i could extract all the submeshes from the recker chunks, the problem is: i cant find all the textures (one is the hair texture, which i dont know where it is…)

luxox didnt documented that upload…

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you can see the recker body in-game only in 3 missions: the first mission (when going in the SUV from hell, switch to 3rd person view and then crash into something, the camera should move to a perspective where you can see recker through the windows.
The typhoon mission (switch to 3rd person view when going in the boat)
and the last mission (you can see him in the heli, but behind the guy which you saved, hanna or irish)

you should post it so goor can work on him, if he wants to.

I tried to make one big thread but failed.
Daniel Recker was in my plans but when I saw his model and textures I gave up, also he uses Dunn’s hair model.

Awesome thank you for another great release. So happy that there are community members out there that actually releases stuff instead of just all talk.

Actually, the people that “just talk” and dont release all the crap for you have a reason for not upload, that may be because is still in progress, still have serious bugs or dont have time for fix the last things for upload it on time… you cant rush someone for release unfinished things…

If it is going to take them like 9 months to fix a bug or do some final touchups, then they should not leave people hanging by posting their WIP. What is more embarassing for them is that a guy with less post count and never once posted in their “WIP” thread released the model they were working on. I was checking out the BF4 ripping thread and found that somebody on there was actually working on Tombstone Squad.

I am willing to bet that GoOR will release the whole Tombstone Squad (other than the player character of course) before the BF4 Ripping Thread release something other than the Russians and USMC MP models.

Also, there are other model rippers that actually release their stuff. The guys over at the Final Fantasy 13 & 13-2 thread are good example.

everything gone wrong.

Great release, but could this models be available for L4D2 Survivors?

I thought people like you mostly exists in Workshop…

I’m not think so, unless if you want to make it usable for L4D2 by yourself. :v:

The no leg bodygroup is fucking up for me, anyone else have this problem?

I want do do it myself, and I know that I can do it with your permission. the problem is that as I don’t own Gmod I cannot download your great releases. If there is som way for me to get them by other means I’ll do it.

Thanks in advance.