battlefield 4 weapon

Hey,can someone please port sr-2m veresk from bf4?

what do you mean, extract it or port it to some engine?

here´s the model if you are looking for it:

its called “SR2”

can i use it in gmod as a prop?

No, its a raw model, you cant use it in gmod or any source engine game, it needs to be ported

OK thanks


I don’t want to trouble you or anything but i would like to request “M136 CS/AT4” if at all possible.

is this weapon from bf 4?


Yes and it can be found as a battle pickup.

Sorry but I can’t help you.Ill tell you if I find someone who can port it

For CS:S

Hey mr saint
I want sr-2 veresk not js2.i would be grateful if you could make it(sr-2) a cs source weapon too