Battlefield 4 Weapons

Hey, does anyone have BF4 weapons, preferably in obj or fbx.?

A little searching can go a long way.

This is from the Battlefield models thread, it does not include any weapons introduced from the Spring patch mid-2015, however.

Thanks a lot. You’re right, I should have searched more.

You mean the AN94, Grozas, L85 and all those weapons? are in the folder actually

i know that this is not the right place to ask for this, i need BF Hardline Weapons and charachters models SOLO & Multi; obj or fbx format
thanks, good guys

thanks :wink:

but i cant find the campaign characters models !!!

and thanks again for your time

Can’t help you there, but I can point you to this thread, which should have some links somewhere in the many pages.

Next time, please try to search for what you’re looking for. If the links are down, post in the “The revised " Post Links to your lost Model Downloads Packs here" Thread. V2” thread, where people will post new links if they have what you’re looking for. Don’t post in dead threads.