Battlefield: Bad Company 2 SWEPS

MAJOR EDIT!!! .eXe and I might have found out how to port models so final assualt pack will be sigh post poned. It was gonna be done 4/4/10. But due to the complaints, cought “heXPunk” I will post pone sorry guys. But we have burst done end everything. So stay tunned.

Alright I am making some Bad Company SWEPS with actual models. Now the only problem right now is that some sweps don’t have w_models. But I can fix that


FPSBanana - Some of the models and skins we are using in this project.

Hellbring101 - AKS-47u

Mighty Lolrus and I - Coding

.eXe - Telling me his opinions of some models and stuff.

WolfoBastardo - teaching me how to add different hands on models without replacing.

So yeah I am gonna make a video soon =P

Apparently I will be banned if I have not ummm well released anything…

So here is a beta physics map.

I am also gonna re-upload public beta. Also Mighty Lolrus gave me premission to use his base. Go ask him.


I released beta.


4/1/10 April Fools is sometimes nice.
Okay so I know I had a lot on this post for like fixes, but I just decided to be nice and uploaded a complete fix. Now remember this is the beta, only errors atm are the ironsights. Other than that nothing. So stay tunned.

P.S there is a difference between publice betas and private betas. PM if you would like to get private betas, uploaded weekly

This is some epic win right here.

How many weapons have you done so far?

2 = Reason is because I don’t want to push Yves to his limit of making skins.

Pretty cool, when will there be a release?

Yes I am uploading a little video I made a few days ago of the SWEPS.

Better have really trippy zoom view in some of the weapons.

I will try my best.

Also I am now coding Hellsing101’s AKS-47u

Will the video be uploaded soon or later? Or are you getting that stupid progress error when you upload videos? I want to see how it goes badly.

Lol why does the xm8 do 500 damage?


just tested them… needs a better base. BC2 does NOT recoil like that. oh and btw isn’t that XM8 like wangchun’s model or something? I’ve seen it alot. The BC2 XM8 doesn’t have a scope either. The HK416 model also need some better textures. Custom reload sounds would be nice (ones that don’t take over the CSS ones), though I can show you how to do that.

And those models don’t look anything like the BC2 ones…

I’m scared to test this, I’m afraid it will be bad.

it is very similar to those 11 second sweps.

i blame mighty for fucking it up

Isn’t this in the wrong section?
The damn download links won’t open…

So it’s like 2 and a bit 5 seconds SWEPS smashed into one? Oh shit :ohdear:

Please, stop development now and either restart with a proper base and model rips, or let someone who knows their shit take over. I don’t want you ruining these weapons.

Yea, they’re not actually the BC2 models, they’re just FPSB rips. The XM8 model and anims are from EoD and Wangchung. Don’t worry, they’re just named after bc2 weapons.

Ok I will try to fix. Reason I did Filesmelt was because would not upload I would get a error or something. And to those negative comments. I will be nice, I never heard them.


Pretty much just the same as Kermite.

Like modern weapons? Well duh I don’t think Bad Company 2 took place in 1791. But I will kinda release like Kermitie. I will have them in packs, the first will be the Assualt Class.

You mean, Ill just use MadCows base and not code a single thing but get fame from all the strange people who love models that shoot booletz?!