Battlefield Bad Company 2 US Marine Port

Hey guys. I’ve been searching through trying to see if this has been done yet, but it hasn’t. So I was just wondering, if anyone can, port the US marines (preferably the Desert ones) to Gmod, both as ragdolls and playermodels? I require it for a short series I’m making, and the current desert marine models on just don’t match what I need.

Heres a reference image:

If I can figure out how to extract the models from the game, I can rip them and upload for someone to do the rigging.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope it can be done soon. :downswords:

According to various people, porting BF: BC2 models causes their UV maps to fuck up.
You’d have to be a genius to port the models with working UVs.

Just use the other 100 generic american soldier models that are released.

The other 100 generic american soldier models are mostly forrest camo. Can’t have forrest camo in the desert. It’s just not right.

Are there any models similar to these that can be done then?

Like 80%*of those other generic american models actually have some sort of desert camo. Just shows you didnt even look.

Most i see only have desert camo, or urban camo.


Don’t really care, you still get the idea.