Battlefield Bad Company2: Source


Ah, very nice ddok (it’s not like you’ve ever done something shitty).
You should add a shitload of bloom so it looks more like the actual game. :v:

Nice. I really like the background.

The muzzleflash is wonky, but otherwise this is pretty good!

This reminds me, I gotta finish my BC2 soldier remake sometime.

A+ work my friend.

I’m really looking forward your ragdoll.

looks nice, muzzle flash looks a bit weird though

Nice, the muzzle flash is ok though, could use some work.

Do you have an original?

here u r

Where can I get that Apache model?

Have you ever heard of something called you can try search for it there it’s not that hard :wink: still nice picture i like it tho the orginal is better looking if you ask me i dont like all the bloom.


Muzzle and tracers are not matching the pic’s color tone.