Battlefield Crossbow Model

Hello Facepunch

I need a crossbow model to remake the original crossbow from hl2. I need a model witch is pretty much the same as the battlefield one … I saw that some of you already done some on facepunch so if you could give me the World model it would be kind :slight_smile:

Also , it’ s optional but if you’ ve already done a view model i will be faster for me … I just want to say that it’ s for personal usage only , i’ ll never share your work one the workshop or anything…

Thanks you :wink:

That’s funny, I’ve used that exact crossbow in a pose before…

Problem is, I can’t seem to find the model on the workshop for some reason. Don’t know why.

A lot of things on the workshop have actually gone missing recently, including those Battlefield Hardline ragdolls that someone released and several other Battlefield related items.

Dam it was so cool… Any one maybe Still have the model :s…

Yeah, I have the model, but extracted via Ninja Ripper, the scope rail has broken UV map, the textures looks shitte and some textures are missing…

You can find it on the BF3 thread V1 by zurf3r, around in one of those pages

Yea the owner said that it was in piece , but is it usable anyway ?

Or an other cross bow model, even if its not the one from battlefield , it would be cool !

Check if the .gma file is still in the addons folder. If it is, then it’d be prudent to use one of the conversion programs to turn it into a regular pre-Workshop addon.

[sp]and upload the result somewhere for everyone’s benefit, but that’s another story…[/sp]

Good idea man ! So can you do that for me ryu ?

Found the GMA file, download it here.

Thanks you ill take it, but ive not software to convert it in to a .Rar file, if anyone could use one it would be cool

Look up Gmad Extractor, you can open up gma files with it.

This is helpfull i never notice that thx

Here’s a quick link to GMad Extractor, in case you haven’t looked it up yet.

Yea thanks you for your help guys i realy appriciate it!