Well we have just upgraded to a 100 slot server with Battlefield kits and a Server Economy. We have /help when you start to get familiar with all the server pluggins. The guns kit currently has no spawn limit and the day cycle is set to 85 minutes and the night cycle to 5 minutes.

Our server has friendly admins and anti hack programs running. The server is based in Dallas, TX and is a lag free server to US members. I do not make promises to overseas members, because lag will be based on their connection speed.

Current addons include:

  1. Kits which include building supplies, Kevlar, Guns, Food, Supply Signal
  2. Door Share
  3. Economy
  4. Teleport
  5. Set Home
  6. No Decay
  7. Remove available on request
  8. /help
  9. Custom Airdrops
  10. 0 Item and Armor Durability
  11. 0 Craft Time
  12. Sleepers Off-this will be changed if their is a lack of players to properly run the Battlefield

If you would like to join our server start rust and hit F1 then type net.connect

Looking forward to seeing you there!