Battlefield devastation

this is my first pose so i need CONSTRUCTIVE critisism

The two soldiers closest to the camera look like they’re drunk in the battlefield. Work on the fingerposing first off and the bloom is excessive

well…my fingerposer stool is kinda broken same with face poser and eye poser
so… do you know how to fix this?

Helicopters? In WWII?


who said it was WWII? >.>


Battlefield devastation? The only devastation I see is the horrible grain, contrast and sepia.

A combine helicopter at that, well it looks like one…

Rated dumb, because it is: you mix HL2 and the WWII and do not even follow your own title :confused:

Did you install mad cows weapons V2 recently?
If you did delete the whole ‘framenet’ folder, it fucks up all poser tools (Thanx to Slayer Fin for pointing it out to me )

I didn’t know there were Combine troops during WWII times :rolleye:

Filter Rape.

It looks like you applied the noise filter.

And then applied it again.

And then went and found a picture of some noise on Google, pasted it on the image and made is slightly transparent.

And then applied the noise filter to that.

The combine saw they couldnt beat humanity in the future so they went to the past! :byodood: