Battlefield gamemode feedback/ideas?

I’m not going to say the sever or name, but I just want to ask the people here 2 things:

  • Whether you will be interested in a BFBC/BF3ish gamemode? (Not a DarkRP edit, a full gamemode from ‘base’)

  • Currently the game feels more like CoD. Something about Battlefield just seems to force team play and makes you get killed more easily. Any ideas of what I could do to sort of replicate that gameplay using mechanics?

I already have leveling, loadouts, custom HUD etc. but I need some feedback/ideas of how BF forces team play like that so yeah

Make run and gunning hard, add auto-squad system and squad voice chat. Get a map that doesn’t take 2 minutes to walk to the other side. Add some severe weapon inaccuracies that would force you to team up instead of running out alone. Make a new weapon base. A SQL global leaderboard for a website. Add extra points for team-based things.

This is my problem… It seems natural for people to do this but in BF something is like hidden that makes you not want to do it.

That is easy to fix. Increase recoil and hip fire spread. This will make it not as easy to do.

I recommend you do what the other developer of codmod(vekz) and I did and put all of the guns stats on a chart. Then try and add up all of the points and change some stats to try and get the average rating the same. This way guns won’t be op and they will still have better benefits over others.

Like if a gun has high damage you can either nerf the firing speed, draw time, increase recoil, or decrease ammo amount. Also I would recommend you ignore your player base when it comes to guns tbh. I know that sounds stupid/rude but most players want a run and gun type weapon. This is why smgs are so unbalanced in most games today because developers started listening to much to what they were saying. Also on a side note if you have a bolt action sniper it should be a one hit kill to the chest and head only. Everywhere else should require you to do two shots. The reason for this being is because you are already being penalized by having one shot, and this gives variety on different snipers. Like if you have a auto it should be 2 -3 shots to the chest to kill if it isn’t a 50 cal. Also draw speed and runs peed should be considered when discussing about snipers. Since there weapon is more powerful they shouldn’t be able to run with it as fast.

I am not saying completely ignore them, but do try to take balance into consideration before listening to them. Also you can’t really force team-play in a sense, because you will always have players who do what they want. Some people just want to come in a game and just get kills, they don’t want to try and be tactical about everything.

Imo i don’t even feel Battlefield is as big of a team-playing game as some might think. For the most part you end up being alone anyways or your teammates re ignoring you when your asking for ammo.

I feel the only reason that you even have come cooperation though is because you can’t do certain things without someone else.Like you are more prone to being blown up by some guy with c4 while in a jeep if you do not have a gunner on-top.