Battlefield Heroes

The game’s final shutdown date was just announced, which made me think back to this comical, kinda-crappy F2P game using the Battlefield 2 engine.

I attempted to rip the models a good while back using this, but unfortunately it doesn’t (didn’t?) seem to include bones or rigging. This was bad for two reasons - the vehicle’s initial poses were kind of awkward (a boat’s wheel shoved through it’s floor, for example) and frankly, I’m absolute arse at rigging.

I know folks have ripped things from BF2 and BF Free2Play (same engine) in the past, so I’m hoping for someone to either drop tons of knowledge on Doing It Right, or to Do It Better than I possibly could. This stuff, especially the vehicles would be nice to have for TF2-themed images and animations, since they can fit into the style reasonably well, give or take a quick retexture.

Any ideas or suggestions?

If you need more WW2 tanks in cartoon style, you can also look in Tanks Heroes. It uses Unity, but Disunity has problems with extracting meshes (it brakes polygons for unknown reason). I’ll probably rip them all(not sure about destroyed versions).

Support this request. I’d like to rip couple of stuffs from BF Heroes and BF Play4Free.

After i heard the announcement i went straight here to see if anyone plans on doing anything glad to see im not the only one that wants to see them ported over.

If we can get models from Battlefield Heroes and/or Battlefield Play4Free into GMod, it would also be nice to see some of the cars from Need for Speed: World brought into GMod along with them. Might as well try and grab what we can and port them over, right?

NFS:W uses a different engine then the games I mentioned in the OP, but it’s also getting shuttered alongside them so go right on ahead! I have no idea where to even start with it, though. Sorry.

Damn, i’d like to see “Elite” versions of cars from NFS:W in Gmod. They’re look very bizarre and interesting at the same time. :v:

NFS:W cars can be ripped though… dunno how, but see here:

Took XM8AR from BFP4F, but meh… many thing gone wrong (got a lot of nasty graphical bugs), so i’ll do “take 2” on this a bit later.
This is how it’s looking at the moment (used some ArmA 2 PMC parts btw):

Uploaded latest clients for BFH, BFP4F and NFSW:

Funny, I was getting stuff out of BC2 when I thought to myself “Maybe I should try to get the assets out of BFP4F”, only for it to get shut down the same day I went to download it.

Thank you for the client files I’ll take a look ASAP.

Hey mate, I know its a bit of a long stretch between when you posted this, but I was wondering, did you get any of the characters ripped from the game, regardless of rigging it would be awesome if you could post them, I’d be happy to take a look at rigging or so on, also is it still possible to rip from the games client even though the game is shut down?

I haven’t stumbled across any advances in this since I made this thread, sorry.

If you have the client, the data files are just zip files full of stuff. No fancy encrypted archives or whatever. The tool mentioned in the OP should still apply.

I tried that tool but it seems to just crash on startup, I got the required files and put them into the same folder as stated but its still not working…shame.