Battlefield Medieval: The Dark Knight Rises

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hahaha… that is awesome

props on reversing the blue to orange ratio.

The new Dragon Age game looks familiar.

You should totally do a tutorial on how you do that blur with those cool glowy bokeh effect thingies. Well replicated concept dude.

From a google search, it might be a plugin from Alienskin

A good and very well executed idea! Looks really great.

Thanks for good comments!

Is it some kind of alienplugin, danik?

Alienplugin? What is it?

Some guy above said you used some kind of an alienplugin to do the nice shiny blur effects on the horses/knights in the background.

It was probably assisted by SFM’s awful DoF, unless this one was gmod.

There is no plugins. All effects I did in photoshop by myself

That’s awesome. Keep it up, I love your works, p0nystark.

Thanks you!

danik, did you use sfm or gmod to take that pic? If gmod, what do you set Sfod to in terms of blur and so on?


I used SFM

Nice. Very well done.


That bokeh is fantastic.