Battlefield / Objective maps

Hello, does anyone know of any fairly nicely sized maps with big skyboxes that would work well for a bomb objective gamemode in gmod?


gm_fortress could work well, but it’s a really old map.

that SUPER old rp map based on fallout could also work. I’m talking about the one featured in The War Of The Servers.

If you’re looking for really big maps, you should consider rp_evocity. It has loads of places, and is kinda big.

gm_reaction could be the map you’re looking for.

Any cs:s/go bomb maps would work for a bomb gamemode. Can you explain what the gamemode is?

I am not sure if this helps, but i did a few rush maps with the mcom stations for CS:S.

Links here:

They have spawn progression when stages are cleared just like in bfbc2, bf3 and bf4.

I have looked for these, best bet is to make one!