(trying out titles, I might go with “Plasticfield”)
Bonus/sneak peak…


Heh thats pretty cute. Very clever!

thanks :v:

oh no hes on fire he’s gonna melt!!!

sunny day + magnifying glass + plastic soldier = a lot of fun

Looks nice :slight_smile:

thanks guys! I will be adding more as i go

Angry man?

I havent seen you post here in awhile.

Nice pose.

bwrrrrm bwrrrrrrr-rrrrrrmm


Cool pictures can’t wait to see where this goes!
Reminds me of Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes.

Id play it.

thanks for the comments guys, im currently in the process of moving like 4 states over so

Angry Man, you’re plastic army men pics always make me smile.



Plasticfield > Battlefield Plastic

Real Combat: Plastic Soldiers