Battlefield Play4Free attempt II

Hello, everyone!
To those interested in the weapons of Battlefield Play4Free, I think I found a solution on trying to port them! I don’t know how to fix some problems, though.
I used BFMeshView and its Runtimes to open the .bundledmesh files contained in the weapons folders. From BFMeshView, it is possible to export the models as .OBJ. As for the textures, you have to vertically flip them, so they will look correct when applied to the model.
When you import the model into any program you want, you’ll get 3 meshes, they are the LODs, obviously, 0 is the highest detailed one.
But now, to the problems I’m having:

  1. How do I get rid of those flickering faces?

  1. The vertexes seem to be “disconnected” from each other, so Element Selecition doesn’t work properly. How to fix that?

  2. If you can help me finding a solution to problem 2, all I have to do is Element select the moveable parts and put them in the right place:

If you’re interested in porting vehicles, it can be easily done by the same method used to port BF2 models, using the PoE2 tools for 3ds Max 6-9.
Thank you all! :slight_smile:

I’ve ported some vehicles from BFP4F already, but the weapons indeed interest me aswell. It seems like you’ve loaded all of the LODs at the same time, which causes the flickering faces, just select and remove everything else except for LOD_0 objects.

Anyways, either my 3DS max obj. importer is broken, or for some reason I’m unable to export correct stuff with the BFMeshView, since whenever I open any of the .objs in either 3ds max or BFMeshView, it gives me an empty scene.

Thanks for replying.
I used Milkshape to import the OBJ.
Like I said, the LODs already come in different surfaces, so I delete all of them, except for the 0 one.
Unless there are multiple LODs inside each LOD surface? Perhaps, considering it might be world model and first person model in the same file.

well it sure seems like it’s got LODs in it, atleast looking at the grip, since there are some odd shapes on it that shouldn’t be there if it was just the LOD_0.

You’re doing it wrong! Also, milkshape is not too good to port BF2 models (P4F uses the same engine).

I can easily port the weapons, but I must download the game first.

How come, Trek? :open_mouth:
Any different method other than BFMeshView or PoE2 Tools?

Yeah, good eye, it really seems like multiple LODs. I guess the different surfaces are different models then, like view, world, etc or different “Geoms”.

I just wanna learn how to put magazine, accessories and body together. Their elements are too detail to put them together. :frowning:

What the fuck, when I am trying to import models into 3ds max, it crashes. So I downloaded shitty game just for nothing?

Weird, you guys are having problems with it. I’m using 3ds Max 9 and 5 and it works. What version are you using?

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Unless you’re tying to import them using the PoE2 Tools, I remember trying to import some of the models through this method would cause 3ds Max to crash or would give you an empty scene. That’s because the .con files used in BFP4F are a bit different from BF2’s. Maybe something’s different on the .bundledmesh files, so perhaps someone with HexEditing experience might give it a shot.

Shit… I am using 9.

I am using PoE2 tools for import… Only some models does work. Is there any way to import that model? Because BFMeshView is too crappy.

There are only a few models in a separated folder that can be imported using the PoE2 tools, which are the M16A4, BF2’s RPK and BF2’s M249 (I don’t even know why the last two are there lol).
As for the rest of the models, I could only import them using BFMeshView.
I’m hoping for another way to do that too.

I just finished downloading BF P4F and confirmed what Ilwrath said, there are multiple LODs inside each surface, including the surface named “default”.