Battlefield Play4Free attempt

Hello, everyone!
I have downloaded Battlefield Play4Free and as you know it uses a tweaked version of Refractor 2!
I have been trying to import its models into 3ds Max 9 but no luck. I’m using PoE 2 tools for 3ds max 9 and when I select the *.con file it crashes.
I also tried to hex-edit the header of the file but no luck (I might have done it wrong).

Anyone tried to import those models?

(If you need me to upload some files just ask, but my internet sucks, so no huge uploads, unfortunately :P)

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Apparently, the only models I can import are 3 models that come in a separated folder, this is one of them:
edit: just found out the other 2 models were BF2 models (M249 and RPK-74)

yes!!! z0mg, it’s BC2’s M16A4, used in BFP4F

But there is a ton of other models that I can’t import and among them there are very interesting weapons, such as MG3… :confused:

MG3 looks exactly like the MG42 though, and there are models for the MG42. So MG3 isnt exactly necessary. Nice job though.

Thanks, but well, it’s not all about MG3, there is a big variety of guns in that game. Some guns that we don’t even have, like a decent PP-2000, M95, a decent M24, SV-98, 870MCS and so on.

mg3 IS THE MG42! only a bit different but it is exactly the mg42

Yes, almost the same, but this one from BC2 (P4F) has a decent ammo box.

The MG3 uses a different muzzle.
The MG3 uses 7,62mm NATO standard machine gun rounds, while the MG42 uses 7,92.
Also the MG42 speeds up while firing longer than just bursts. The MG3 doesn’t.
The MG3 has an anti air visor.

Ok… it was nice to talk about MG3 and MG42 differences.
But has anyone tried Battlefield Play4Free or would like to try importing a model?

i tried it, got so pissed off because i have to buy weapons with real money i decided i’ll just play normal BF2 instead.

What does that have to do with the matter at hand?

Hehehe… weird posts here…
anyway, if you need me to post any of the files so you can give it a try, ask me!

would you port players too?

Well, I don’t work with Source engine, but if I can find a way to import them, I would sure post them here in a format you need (be it .3ds or .smd or something else).
I have little to no knowledge on animations, rigging, etc, so my focus on porting those weapons is for using them in an old game I know how to work with.
But like I said, I can give you the models if I find out how to import them into 3ds Max.

could you upload the m16 you got there in max or obj or 3ds with texture?

Yes, sir! Here it is:

Unfortunately, no normal maps. Specular (I guess it is specular) map is in Alpha Channel of DDS.

Do any of you want me to upload other models? (the ones I can’t import)

It still mostly looks the god damn same. Anyway, enough of derailing the thread.

Side tracking ftw…

Both designs use a booster cone behind a conical eliminator. Second part rings bells but I can’t recall why and I’m not going to confirm something like that, I think I remember hearing about the rate of fire fluctuating at the beginning and particularly ends of bursts but not by a lot. More than likely a product of roller-delayed blowback, which would make it a common issue with the MG3 as well since the action is the same as far as I know. Calibre is correct, AA sight is not - not sure about the MG3 but you sure as shit can mount an AA sight on the '42.

Also, how the hell did they manage to model the M16A2 so accurately (compared to other game devs) and then totally fuck it by putting the forward assist on the wrong side :psyboom:

To be honest, the L4D/L4D2 M16 looks pretty decent and realistic too. Fuck, it’s even got a high-poly world model.

Yeah, thanks for reminding me actually. It doesn’t look half bad.