Just wiped today! 1/30/2014
Battlefield Server! Join in, get guns automatically, and PvP to your hearts content!
net.connect play.rustextremepvp.com:28085**
LOOKING FOR STAFF - Contact Dedicated_Blade In-Game!**
PvP Events!
Running PvP events on the server! Super fun!
The server currently has:

  • DDOS Protection
  • Insta Craft
  • Door Sharing
  • Economy Buy/Sell
  • Airdrops On A Timer
  • Gun Kits via /kit guns
  • Teleports

The server has a fair economy, based around killing players and zombies for money. Players have the option of gathering resources, but at the same risk of dying since everyone around you has a gun. Players are able to get 3 teleports per day to reach their friends and survive together. We encourage groups and house building to make PvP more exciting and fun! There are two airdrops every real time hour to fight and battle over. You are able to /buy items from the /price shop ranging from Supply Drops, to Kevlar Gear and Bolt Actions, and M4’s. We play fairly and have a staff of moderators that can kick and ban players under a single owner. The owner encourages PvP and raiding and openly participates. We adjust the server and economy to the player needs and wants and hope to see you accordingly.
We started this server in hopes of attracting the players who want more PvP and battling, we do enjoy the fighting aspect of the game and hope that you enjoy the server. It’s time for the war and I’m ready to go HOOAH!

Any questions for the owner? Reach him @PeterVDubs on Twitter!

This server is great, I just wish it had a bigger population, it has only just started up though! It is lag-free compared to some of the other battlefield servers out there, who wants that annoying rubber-banding lag and players skipping every second so you cant shoot them? Not me.

For me personally this is and has the potential to be one of the best battlefield servers, and is extremely fun. I would recommend this server to anyone who is looking for a PVP Server with economy.

Just Been on, Worth going onto, server is extreem pvp, but still have the original rust survival feel. Pefectly balanced economy system and admins active round the clock (atleast whenever ive been on).


Got a nice new PvP arena up and going behind the radtown past the hangar! Ready for some contenders!

Nice server and an awesome community!

Awww you are fantastic <3

hi Lady? how frequent does air drops actually drop?

2 airdrops every hour, will adjust them as population increases to implement more PvP fights

Great server come get a base going and we can have some epic gunfights

The server is doing fantastic, we just need some player base! Come on guys!

I freaking love the gunfights we have on here, some players are just so good! <3

Always great to find proper PVP servers that have proper admins online around the clock! Everytime I’m on, there are admins! and this economy thing I belive, couldnt be any better! make money by killing things? and buy stuff off /price?! amazing!!! I think ive found the perfect server for me! im sure everyone else should give it a try!!! great server/admin team Lady Blade!!! :dance:

Aww thanks <3

The server is growing daily! The pvp is getting real interesting now people are starting to join, I cannot wait until it grows further, smoothest lag free battlefield server I have played with active around the clock admins! Keep up the good work!

We had an insane 5 player battle today over an airdrop that took like 10 minutes. It was so awesome!

Just seen this big pvp arena! hahaha killed someone there! needs to be bigger though!

Maybe with some help we can build a huge PvP arena?

I down for it! :D! :dance:


Giving out free items every hour, and each time the Broncos score points! Go broncos!