Battlefield TDM - Upcoming Garry's Mod game mode [In Development]

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Pretty cool stuff. How did you make the light effects?

These DarkRP edit TDM gamemodes are getting old fast.

That’s just Darkrp with some workshop addons.

Exactly what it is, but once it’s fully released players will have an experience unlike any other TDM server.

I’ve played Vietnam War TDM, and it was good and all except it had no variety.

I offer far more, I offer a genuine Battlefield experience, so once you get past the simplicity of what it really is, you’ll have a lot of fun at the end of the day.

The only reason why that server is popular is because it inflates their server population.

Nevertheless, this server will without a doubt still be fun, even if it’s just made on the DarkRP game mode.

Are you coding things or are you just slamming addons together?

Even if the addons are pre-made, this still requires coding to do many functions I want the game mode to provide, so yes and no.

Yes, I am utilizing a variety of Battlefield-related addons
No, I am not NOT coding, this very well requires me to program in lua.

What functions do you need to code that aren’t already implemented in the addons?

Mmmm … good idea to combine DarkRp HUD and many addons and military, in general, I hope that everything will turn out!

If you do something like this, credit every coder of the ripped addons and state in your thread
that it’s just a butcher gamemode

Ejbaker shouldn’t have had to point that out to make you admit the obvious.
Coming out only now makes the impression you wanted to go through with what many would call a fraud.

No one here cares for a darkrp with some workshop addons/free stuff you didn’t make…

Yes, credit all the coder(S). Literally ever feature is some public addon, on\workshop. At least code the base of the gamemode with class selection,scorebooard ect, instead of using darkrp as a base, that at least wont be “as” bad. Now lets cut to the chase, if we were not judging by fraud, and using like 100% addons. The gameplay should be nice well I think.

It only takes one person to put multiple things together and make something enjoyable for other people.

I will give credits to all the major developers of the addons I use, and of course the coders behind the DarkRP game mode.

Simply, I just wanted to show this because I thought it’d be cool. I’ve only seen 1 Battlefield related server before, and it had it’s inaccuracies, so I wanted to provide a superior gaming experience.

It may be simple, yes, but I know without a doubt Garry’s Mod players will enjoy it, nevertheless.

no, give credit to all developers you prick

infact, don’t even credit yourself since you aren’t actually doing anything.

was it neccessary to change the map everytime you took a screenshot of your darkrp tdm shit

I agree with johnny all the way, you really dont deserve any credit. Just putting addons together takes little to no skill. You might have the right to credit yourself if you code the base of the gamemode instead of using darkrp ect.

I never said i’d give myself credit, now did I? Name calling is very immature.

When players are gaming on game modes like these, I can guarantee a bunch of them have no thought as to how much work the developer put into it. It’s sad, but true.

My point is, this may be a simple addon + darkrp edit, but it’ll still be fun.

I’m not going to make an entire game mode from scratch when I have the foundation right there. DarkRP is a great game mode to edit off of.

Credits will all go toward those who developed the addons I use, do not worry.